I kinda suck at making UIs from scratch, so that's why this website looks terrible.

(I could use Wordpress or something, but that's boring.) :P

I'm currently not available for job offers. I might do stuff I'm interested in pro bono, though!

Git: GitHub Gitea (only for some repositories)

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Hi, I'm TheTechRobo

I'm interested in programming, Minecraft, and music.

I've been programming since I was pretty young.

Get in touch with me on HackINT IRC (TheTechRobo), Discord (TheTechRobo#7420), or email ([email protected]).

What I can do


Here are some of my projects.

YouTube Video Finder

A website that helps you find lost youtube videos

Discord URL extractor

Extracts links from Discord server dumps


Here are some of the songs I've written. Consider them licenced under the CC-BY-4.0 licence. They're not that great anyway.

I can't recommend commercial use of them, though, as the soundfont I use (Arachno) uses dubious samples. I've tried to find a substitute, but I just love Arachno so much... Oh well.

These ones should be fine to use commercially:

If you have something that could use a soundtrack, I'd love if you could get in touch. It definitely won't be usable, but I'd love the practice. I'm not that great at composing FOR something, since it's kind of a catch-22 - nothing to practice with, no skill; no skill, nothing to practice with.

Work-in-progress projects


Geometry Dash Archival Scripts

Archiving Geometry Dash


Renaissance Receiver driver for Linux

Projects on hiatus


A Python-based calculator


Open-source classroom suite

Dead projects (aka "permanent hiatus")

My old websites

Including but not limited to: