Hello World!


I kinda suck at making UIs from scratch, so that's why this website looks terrible.

(I could use Wordpress or something, but that's boring.) :P

I'm currently not available for job offers. I might do stuff I'm interested in pro bono, though!

Git: GitHub Gitea (some repos are only there, most not at all)

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Hi, I'm TheTechRobo

I'm interested in programming, Minecraft, the Wii, and other stuff.

I've been programming since I was pretty young.

What I can do


Here are some of my projects.

YouTube Video Finder

A website that helps you find lost youtube videos

Discord URL extractor

Extracts links from Discord server dumps

Work-in-progress projects


Geometry Dash Archival Scripts

Archiving Geometry Dash


Renaissance Receiver driver for Linux

Projects on hiatus


A Python-based calculator


Open-source classroom suite

Dead projects (aka "permanent hiatus")

My old websites

Including but not limited to: